Practical advices for business in Africa

  • Be sympathetic and ethical.
  • Africans reward those who understand Africa, its people and culture.
  • Use African business models that are the basis for much success.
  • Win-win partnerships build trust.
  • Present your business vision with their objectives and priorities for Africa.
  • Clearly show where, how and why you are different and trustworthy.
  • Offer long-term business cooperation.
  • Educate and Raise awareness.

Initiatives for success in Africa

  • Being in solidarity with Africa and ethical on the African market increase the value of your company. Express appreciation and understanding of Africa, its people and culture enhance your company’s reputation.
  • Analysing and Understanding African business models, which are the basis of major commercial successes.
  • Encourage partnership in a WIN – WIN relationship between the cooperating partners for greater confidence.
  • Be clear about your business vision and benefits of your cooperation with Africa. Clear and explicit plan that shows where and how you are different from all the other vendors and what is your contribution to Africa. Show that you understand Africa, and offer trusted and long-term business security to her.
  • For cooperation and partnership with Africa, compose an active and credible team.