Managing director for South Sudan & East African Region

Deng Daniel Ngor
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  • English

Former News and Program Manager

I am a broadcast journalist, working for MCK national media production company in South Sudan which is deal with TV news coverage and empower local broadcast journalist and also in association South Sudan TV, SSBC in Juba and before I had been a broadcast journalist for Mingkaman 100 FM a radio station run by Internews, a USAID-funded media development organization. The radio station where I work is located in a community that has hosted tens of thousands of internally displaced peoples since the civil war in my country began in 2013.  I work as a reporter, presenter, and program producer, bringing local, national, and international news to my community.

I am quite sure that media could play a role in changing all sort of bad governance by exposing the truth that gives people clear understanding to make right decisions and also create global change for next-generation but I as South Sudanese journalist lacking the skills and experience on Public Interest Journalism and I hope the course will teach me on the persuasion to attract and hold on to new audiences using proven media strategies.

I was born and raised in Maar Village in very poor in the age of 10 years and still now trying with hardship life in South Sudan and thought with many dreams tonight while sleeping. One of my dreams was to be able to write in a country which has freedom of speech. Unfortunately, in the last five years one hundreds and seventy journalists died doing their profession in South Sudan. I decided not to leave my home and family members because I still believed that I can be a good journalist despite all threatened I had. I want to continue writing stories and while keeping inform of my community who are still behind media roles and not have fear when my articles are Broadcasting. English and DINKA is my second language and it has been hard adapting to the new life and some changes. However, and also continue with media studies every semester I take extra tutor classes to ensure I will pass the course. I will make sure that the professor knows me and I do not fall behind with homework and exams. My current GPA is 3.87 and I feel proud to be on the President’s list where I am among 8% of students with the best grades at Africa Population Institute and Alison University.

Education and Career Goals Write a brief statement outlining about my education and career goals I have open, state what you hope to gain from the college experience. My plans were obtaining my journalism Diploma in Africa Population and also a degree at Kampala University on International relations and management and then am now pursuing my Degree in communication studies at Kampala University which had work very well now.

After I finish my bachelor’s, I want to work with the biggest Radio in the nation, such as, Eye radio and SSTV in South Sudan and also Juba Post, and JB Opinion, which is the first Juba Agamlong newspaper in the country. I want to be the best journalist in the country. I want to be a successful journalist and a credible writer but I also want to help millions of people with my words that I publish. Extracurricular Activities List activities you are involved with both on and off-site for example, clubs, organizations, volunteer service, and sports activities.

Employment describe and career objective?

I am the representative for the South Sudan journalism Club I also help to plan and coordinate events and media news press Every month in South Sudan and I help to organize education activity. I am also a member and I help them with the events, I work as a volunteer helping the community leader, Mark Day on the peacebuilding and good living together for Worker newsroom in Jonglei state I help to translate DINKA to English for the conferences about the displaced person’s rights and legalization process. In addition, this position’s responsibilities involve investigation of news and events, collecting information, and finally writing articles. I am so grateful to work as a Reporter in South Sudan as radio broadcast and newspaper writing as well because I had the pleasure to work with the documented settlers and community leaders.

I wrote an article for the newspaper called freedom women voices which means fighting women. The article was about a group of women that lost their husbands due to the deportation process and ongoing conflict The women continue fighting for their kids and created a tamales corporation to make an income to survive. They started selling tamales at bars and restaurants. I published an article about their life and the functions of the tamales corporation and good.

Current Job/Operation manager for global sharing CO.LTD South Sudan 

Am operations managers in almost any business are key personnel in upper-level management that make sure the company is performing to its best potential and they keep their eyes on multiple areas within the company, assuring productivity and efficiency while seeking to reduce costs and they manage other key leaders within several departments and guide groups of people to complete their individual tasks in order to achieve company-wide goals.

A Big-Picture my Perspective

Because responsible for the overall well-being of the company’s operations, these types of managers tend to have a big-picture perspective. They can determine needs within the company and connect groups to work together to solve problems as they arise. They need to be critical thinkers who can analyze situations and make decisions geared toward the company’s best interests rather than those of a single department. This may mean that they also need to resolve conflicts as they arise between employees and set policies and guidelines for how to complete tasks.

In terms of skills and abilities, operations managers need a healthy mix of hard and soft skills. Depending on the industry, managers may need mechanical aptitude and knowledge of manufacturing equipment, but most certainly will use computers and a variety of related software programs, including customer management tools and budgeting and accounting software. They also need to be able to manage people effectively using good listening, motivation, and communication skills.

As an operations manager also have a good handle on the staffing requirements of the organization or company and that was my real duty all day, they work with HR to hire and train new employees and handle disciplinary issues. Because they are aware of the needs in each department, they can adjust the workflow and reassign tasks to improve efficiency in the operation.

My operation operations Managers role in Various Industries

While operations managers all use a wide variety of skills to do their job, some, particularly in large companies, may specialize in an area and focus within a particular department. For example, someone with a strong background in human resources may become an HR operations manager, overseeing the entire department. Some of their specific responsibilities may include:

  • Create and manage the department’s budget
  • Define company policies and implement training
  • Monitor internal HR systems and ensure compliance
  • Oversee hiring objectives and job description creation
  • Stay on top of employment trends, legal issues, and best practices
  • Purchase software or other tools to improve department efficiency