Welcome letter

We are building a network based on symbiosis and cooperation of involved regions in business and wider social area. We work for the welfare and prosperity of Côte d’IvoireNigeria, Slovenia, Italy and whole Africa and Europe.

We follow the aims on “sustainable development” of the society, nature and the environment.

In Europe, we have long forgotten

the genuine roots of human relations, so we have teamed up with our friends from West Africa to build a permanent human bond of warmth and understanding in all areas of our lives.

Our goals and objectives

are in partnership of all potentials of society: individuals, enterprises, organizations who are building bridges between Africa and Europe. We work on the basis of mutual respect of diversity while connecting synergy and symbiosis of the two regions in a single socioeconomic space. We believe that both regions need diversity, creativity and new impetus, which opens a completely new dimension of cooperation.

We associate Slovenian and Italian high technology companies that offer West Africa partnership, new effective technology, know-how and experience.

Our role is to organize

and further support partnerships in various agricultural, technological, industrial and other development projects vital for global interest and development of West Africa.

All areas are closely

interlinked with the energy sector, logistics, organization, training and international promotion and enforcement of Nigeria as a modern society, which gives impetus to the entire African continent.

Due to the distinct specificity

of West Africa and its energy balance, based on the highly consumable carbon technologies we include the participation of companies that use exclusively low-carbon technologies and introduce the world’s most advanced technology in the field of utilization of sustainable and renewable energy sources such as solar energy, wind, geothermal energy, marine energy, water, biomass and others.

To summarize, we are:

  • Creating an optimal business and social network of individuals, enterprises and organizations who are building bridges between Africa and Europe and worldwide,
  • Organizing and further supporting partnerships in various business, educational, expert – knowledge, agricultural, technological, industrial, high technology  and other development projects, vital for global interest and development of Africa and interest of both regions.
  • Creating a Partnership to Connect, Establish, Promote, Market and Expand mutually beneficial ventures in both regions and worldwide.

Val Africa Project Team: