Important POINT to NOTE

  1. While many European Business Owners are focused on expanding their business into USA and China, Business Owners from USA and China are focused on expanding their business into the African Market.
  2. Though Africa is among the world current booming market, the competition by many Businesses to capture a chunk of the African market is strong. But the Competitions are beatable.
  3. Africans operates a more physical market than the online The ratio between the Physical Market and the Online Market in Africa is 8: 2 in favor of the Physical Market. Many still feel that online offers are highly prone to fraud and abuse. Business People always ask to know your office from the first time of contact.
  4. Africa buys what they see, feel and taste. Many Africans prefer to avoid the hassles of import protocol by buying products from warehouses and wholesale stores in Africa.
  5. Connecting and Developing Business in Africa comes with a lot of challenges, but these challenges are surmountable; if you have a unique understanding of the terrain, people, business language, and culture.
  6. The opportunity for longer-term sustainable growth is higher in Africa than any other part of the China has graduated from waiting for Africans to come and import from China to taking their Product to Africa to sell, and are currently establishing production plants in Africa to take reasonable advantage of the opportunity available in the African Market.