This organisation conforms to the Law N° 60-315 of 21 September 1960 for the registration of Associations and others in Côte d’Ivoire. We are a Non-Governmental Organisation (N.G.O) called Hope Home International (H.H.I) with receipt registration N° 09/MEMAT/DGAP/DAG/SDVAC October 2000 at the Government Headquarters in Abidjan.

We discovered ever since,  that Moral deterioration, Civil / Military Conflicts, Famine, Sickness, poverty of the people, homelessness, destitute orphans, refugees, AIDS, drugs, wars and Prostitution and so on has not spared any family nor nation in terms of development.

We have in our possession all the components of social strata management and people of different religious leanings. We do not have the ability nor pretend to find solutions to all the problems that are facing our world, but we wish to contribute our quota to render help to those suffering under these yokes we have enumerated.

Our desire, wish and courage are sure and your physical, spiritual and material assistance will allow in days, months or years to come to find solutions humanly possible to all scourges that mortify the world and Africa in particular

Considering that after more than four decades of sovereignty, social problems of Africa are real concerns,

Considering that on the eve of the 3rd millennium it is clear that the development of Africa, despite the assistance of developed countries depends primarily know-how Africans themselves.

Confident in the future and having realized the seriousness of our social problems and the need to solve jointly in a spirit of solidarity, young African intellectuals gathered in Abidjan decided to create a non governmental organization (NGO) called HOPE HOME INTERNATIONAL to contribute to the development of the continent and meet the challenges of the 3rd millennium.