Governorship Aspirant letter

Letter for Slovenian and European Companies

I,  Amb. Dr. Bababtunde B. Lee a citizen of Nigeria, hail from Alimosho local government area of Lagos State, Nigeria.

I am into electoral race as Governor Lagos STATE 2019, Governorship Aspirant  Lagos State 2019; under the platform of United Progressive Party (UPP).

I want and agreed before during my campaign to WIN Lagos State for Slovenia, Italian and other European Companies through cooperation of VAL- Africa under the reputation of

Andrej Keber 

for representation to go on my behalf in search of Sponsors and PARTNERS in the areas of Election program and Election materials to WIN  the State of Lagos for VAL-Africa
I like to acknowledge the leadership of  Andrej Keber  for his working Corporate Responsibility towards my success to win LAGOS State, Nigeria for Slovenia Companies Economic Partnership l authorized him and his team to be my sponsorship searching drive in all part of Europe.

Warmest Greetings

Goodwill Ambassador Dr. Babatunde B. Lee

Long live Lagos State!!!,
Long live Nigeria!!!
Long live SLovenia!!!