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Letter for Slovenian and European Companies

I,  Amb. Dr. Bababtunde B. Lee a citizen of Nigeria, hail from Alimosho local government area of Lagos State, Nigeria.

I am into electoral race as Governor Lagos STATE 2019, Governorship Aspirant  Lagos State 2019; under the platform of United Progressive Party (UPP).

I want and agreed before during my campaign to WIN Lagos State for Slovenia, Italian and other European Companies through cooperation of VAL- Africa under the reputation of

Andrej Keber 

for representation to go on my behalf in search of Sponsors and PARTNERS in the areas of Election program and Election materials to WIN  the State of Lagos for VAL-Africa
I like to acknowledge the leadership of  Andrej Keber  for his working Corporate Responsibility towards my success to win LAGOS State, Nigeria for Slovenia Companies Economic Partnership l authorized him and his team to be my sponsorship searching drive in all part of Europe.

Warmest Greetings

Goodwill Ambassador Dr. Babatunde B. Lee

Long live Lagos State!!!,
Long live Nigeria!!!
Long live SLovenia!!!


Government Economic Consular & Corporate Business Representative for Val Africa

  • Official candidate for Lagos State Governor 2019 – Nigeria.
  • Administrative Protocol Côte d’Ivoire Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
  • President of all Nigerians in Diaspora Organization (NIDO) for Africa.
  • Chairman Administrative Council – Nigerians in ECOWAS/ CEDEAO ecowas.int .
  • Alumni International Institute of Humanitarian Law – IIHL, Italy.
  • UPF/UN Goodwill Ambassador For Peace – UNIVERSAL PEACE FEDERATION.
  • Life member/Representative – International Peace Commision – IPC.
  • Director of Operations International Peace Commission- IPC Africa
  • President/CEO: Hope Home International – NGO.

Amb. Dr. Babatunde B. Lee  assignments in VAL Africa are

  • Building connections between Slovenia, Europe and Africa.
  • Government Economic Consultancy and Representative for VAL Africa in Côte D’Ivoire, Nigeria, ECOWAS/ CEDEAO ecowas.int region and in Africa.
  • Building and promoting  economic collaboration between ECOWAS countries and Slovenia and the European Union,  particularly in the area of social economic factors, linking companies, Agricultural and industrial development, Constructions, Government investments.
  • Certified Government Economic Consular ECOWAS/CEDEAO NGO in West Africa
  • Supporting VAL Africa business center in Abidjan, Lagos, and Port Harcourt.

Lee  represents, connects, invite Slovenian & European companies & organizations into Africa and:

  1. Creating an optimal businessand social network of individuals, enterprises, and organizations who are building bridges between Africa, Europe and worldwide,
  2. Organizingand further supporting partnerships in various business, educational, expert – knowledge, agricultural, technological, industrial, high technology and other development projects, vital for global interest and development of Africa and interest of both regions.
  3. Creating a Partnershipto Connect, Establish, Promote, Market and Expand mutually beneficial ventures in both regions and worldwide,
  4. Invite investors from Slovenia, Italy, France and Worldwide into Africa, particularly in the business, tourism, arts, Agricultural, cultural exchange, industries etc.
  5. To invite companies to invest in Lagos State, West Africa and Africa.

NIDO references:
Nigerian Diaspora Day

Conférence de presse du bureau de l`organisation diaspora CEDEAO en Côte d`Ivoire

Deepening access to Global Capital  for Nigeria job creation (PDF)  Africa: Dr Baba tunde B Lee | Chairman NIDO Ivory Coas’t

July 2013:
The Diaspor a Day is one of the engagement tools designed by the Government of the Federal Republic of Nigeria for bringing its Diaspor a home annually . The Diaspora Day takes place on 25 July and is a platform for dialogue on national development of Nigeria.

From it vantage point, the Diaspora come home to meet with practitioners from public and private sector as well as the civil society organisations. Science and Technology has to a large extent been the major focus of the Diaspora Day since inception. In recent years, Nigerians in Diaspora Organisation (NIDO) has advocated for project-based Diaspora Day with job creation as the ultimate deliverable.