European  Smart Technologies for Africa

Despite a series of cutting-edge technologies, which are integrated in the energy devices and variety of available technologies that enable connectivity and communication between devices, there are still missing joint and standardized solutions, which would enable to the companies (e.g. energy traders, energy distributors…) continuous remote operation with flexible loads.

Innovative infrastructure for remote load management is the key issue for the penetration of the innovative products with added value based on Key Enabling Technologies (KETs)   on the market in the field of smart grids, especially related to energy conversion, distribution and energy management.

In the field of smart grids, European companies are developing products, which address the flexibility of consumers in the energy network and in the market.

Three conceptual areas are exposed:

Advanced energy infrastructure, which is linked in particular to network operators in addition to improving the utilization of existing energy infrastructure, also enables more effective integration of distributed generation from renewable energy sources. Increased utilization of the energy infrastructure is reflected in:

  • the reduction of energy consumption in the period of peak load,
  • the reduction of energy consumption in case of local network overload,
  • providing reserve to regulate the frequency and in increasing the share of the integration of renewable energy sources in the energy mix.
  • ability of energy infrastructure to remotely switch on and off the load reduces negative impacts on the network caused by the expansion of dispersed RES.