Dr. Lee B. Babatunde is authorized to fully represent the responsible  business group VAL Africa and their business partners to lead, negotiate, discuss, and fully manage all legal, cultural, social and other business interests of the group.

Main activities and focus of business group VAL Africa are on:

  1. Worldwide networking of educational, organizational, social and business collaboration and searching competent employees for companies,
  2. Acquiring EU and other international funds for covering new advanced and highly development-oriented projects and helping to acquire crucial information to gain new business opportunities and information and unify new worldwide business partners,
  3. Industrialization and Industry 4.0,
  4. Projects elaboration (from idea to implementation, turnkey),
  5. Energy and smart cities solutions, Smart city ecosystem, Energy and utility management,
  6. Mobility, logistics, and transport with the emphasis on aeronautical scope,
  7. Urban life quality management,
  8. Construction-wood industry,
  9. Agriculture,
  10. Software and Hi-Tech,
  11. General Import-Export.


Dr. Lee B. Babatunde authorization is applicable also for communication and negotiation with governments in West Africa and throughout the Sub-Saharan region and whole Africa with organizations, educational units, institutes, companies and other interested parts.

Dr. Lee Barbara Babatunde shall represent companies and organizations within the VAL Africa business network and all new ones. He shall build further connections, invite investors from Slovenia, Europe and worldwide from Hi-Tech companies and industries, tourism, arts, agricultural, cultural exchange and other organizations in Africa. 

Hereafter this means, that he:

  1. Creates an optimal business and social network of individuals, enterprises, and organizations who are building bridges between Africa, Europe and worldwide,
  2. Organize and provide further partnership support in the various business, educational, expert – knowledge, agricultural, technological, industrial, Hi-Tech and other development projects, vital for global interest and development of Africa and interests of both regions,
  3. Creates a partnership to connect, establish, promote and expand mutually beneficial ventures between Africa and Europe and worldwide.