HH Princess Romona  Murad

Kuala Lumpur – Malaysia

E:  princessromona@val-africa.com 
W: datoromona.wixsite.com/romonainternational  

Economic Amabassador in Malaysia, Indonesia, and Singapore for VAL Africa 


HH Princess Romona Murad’s  assignments in VAL Africa are:

  • Building connections between Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Africa, Slovenia and Europe.
  • Economic Consultant and Representative for VAL.
  • Building and promoting  economic collaborations, particularly in the area of social economic factors, linking companies in the area of agricultural and industrial development, constructions, and government investments.
  • Present Asian investors for Africa and Europe markets.
  • Supporting VAL Africa in Kuala Lumpur  – Malaysia.

HH Princess Romona  Murad