Building & Living your successful brand 

Branding is  most important for your African business. Be diiferent and win. 

Branding and marketing services in the following areas:

  1. Define Branding and brand building,
  2. Build Winning creative strategies in Africa,
  3. Research and strategy on African markets, 
  4. Identify your target African clients.
  5. Develop your brand positioning & Develop your messaging strategy.
  6. Develop your website, marketing, and social toolkits,
  7. Implement, track, and adjust.
Your Brand Defined

Your brand is partly your reputation. It’s what people say about you when you’re not around. It’s how they feel about your firm and what they expect from working with you.

Your Biggest Asset

A strong brand can bring you desirable new clients, great employees, and premium rates. It’s an asset that has value, even if you move offices, change clients or replace staff. Your brand endures.

Brand Success Defined

A successful brand will deliver the results you expect from a market leader. Here are some of the most important measures of brand success:

  1. High frequency of referred clients.
  2. High level of self-initiated contacts from potential clients.
  3. A high closing percentage.
  4. Fewer competitive bid situations.
  5. Premium fees.

What you need?

A well-defined target audience

With the speed and low cost of digital communications, everyone can communicate easily and inexpensively. The distance barrier is rapidly eroding.

An excellent reputation

But to have a really successful brand, the reputation must not only be good, but it must also be specific.  Your target audiences (e.g., potential clients, referral sources, influencers, and prospective new hires) must not only view the firm in a favorable light but recognize that it has expertise important to their priorities.

Relevance to the success of the target audience

Your firm must also be seen as relevant to the success of your client. It’s not enough to be nice people, or even knowledgeable and helpful. Those fall into the “nice-to-have” category. 
The real driver of a successful brand is your ability to make your clients successful. You aren’t just a bystander; you are a contributor to your clients’ success.

High visibility in Africa
  • Are you widely known to the target audience?
  • Are they aware that you contribute to your clients’ success?
  • Are they also aware of your reputation?

This is particularly a problem when you have too many target audiences. It’s hard to reach everyone in multiple target audiences at the same time — and with sufficient visibility — to make you successful

A premium position in Africa

You can meet all of the criteria we mentioned above and still fall short of your potential. To be truly successful, a brand must hold a premium position.

 Without a premium brand perception, your firm will not be in a position to command premium fees.

We are building your Brand Strategies

A. Content marketing

Content marketing involves providing a steady stream of useful information to potential clients or influencers. Think educational rather than promotional. It addresses the relevance, reputation, and visibility.
Over time, potential clients learn how you approach problems and cultivate trust in your firm. When they need assistance, your firm is at the top of their list.

Content marketing relies on winning clients by sharing something of value rather than trying to persuade or “sell” them. As such, it is a great strategy to build a brand as well as for generating leads.

B. Develop Visible Experts

Many firms have experts, but only a few of them go on to become well known and influential with their target client group.  By deliberately developing one or more of these high-profile experts, your firm can dramatically increase the power of its brand.

C. Cultivate prestigious partners

We partnering you with prominent organizations to take on important projects is another proven strategy for building your professional services brand. Large, well-known businesses, trade associations or universities in Africa are all good partnering candidates.

Consider conducting a research project together or starting a special educational program. An innovative, high-profile project is more distinctive than your logo on a crowded sponsorship banner — and is a far more powerful brand building strategy.

D. Seek high-profile clients and case stories

We systematically seek out high-profile clients and invest in producing dramatic results that can be widely shared, that’s a great brand building strategy.

E. Dominate the social media space

One of the most highly leveraged brand building strategies available to professional firms today is to use social media tools such as LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube to engage audiences directly.
To dominate the social media space, however, you have to do more than participate on an occasional basis.