European – African SMART partnership

The main challenges of the Slovenian, European and Worldwide  strategic partnership group dealing with Energy and other supply are especially interfaces between different domains (transport, electricity, heat) and associated networks (electricity grid, gas, heating). Apart from that we are also considering other global trends enabling the future development of value chains with the markets of technical services and products of companies, whose activities are directly or indirectly connected with energy which are as follows:

  • development in the automotive industry in connection with electric vehicles
  • renewable energy sources
  • efficient use of energy
  • forecast of energy consumption
  • development of energy systems components as an integral part of the smart grids
  • security of energy supply
  • holistic water services and solutions
  • energy storage
  • development of energy management including intelligent systems
  • development of the Internet of Things,
  • development in the field of Internet security
  • developments in the field of capturing energy and environmental parameters
  • management of big data.